We Service All Sewage Systems

Your Streamline BAF system is specifically designed to be a low maintenance system. In fact the very first system installed over 25 years ago in Co Clare, is still operating as good as it was on the day it was installed, with only general maintenance and well-spaced wear and tear replacements.

For Service & Repairs of ALL sewage systems across Ireland call Stephen on 086 0800225

Service Period:

We only recommend that you have the system maintained by one of our dedicated on-site service technicians on an annual basis along with general upkeep in acordance with the owners manual to ensure your system is operating to its peak performance.

Detailed Service Records:

We pair service records to the systems unique serial number to ensure a full service history is kept on the system. This record is also available to the homeowner.

To book a service of your streamline BAF System simply fill out the details below or call us on 01 9033092.

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